Shop Like a Fashion Editor…

Fashion Editors are known for having innovative style and quirky taste. So its only right that they shop at boutiques and e-stores that offer off the cuff designer merchandise.

Avenue 32 offers designer goods that you might not see anywhere else. It’s the perfect place to cop a statement piece. They offer pieces from Preen, Thakoon, Temperley London, Alexander Lewis, Giles, Carven, and the list goes on…

*** remember that fashion editors mix high with low so always keep basics from H&M, Gap, Forever 21 and etc… on standby***

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Designer Spotlight: Veronica Beard

Luxury sportswear at its finest, this duo who share the same first and last name, Veronica Beard, specializes in tailored yet casual jackets. They even make dickies so that you can have illusion of layering.

A hoodie with a chic blazer has always been my thing, and its a dope trend to embrace.

Check them out at

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My To Buy List…

Good Morning Loves, it seems like forever and a day since I last posted. For those who don’t know I am a special education teacher by day and last week was crazy, BUT I’m back to kick off the week right…

I wanted to share with you my wish list for this month.

Every month I re-analyze my wardrobe and pick pieces I need to add. Here are my picks…


Retails for $145 for 100 ML

I am turning into a parfum snob. I discovered this parfum on and I instantly wanted it. I am a sucker for fruity scents and I’m sure this will be my new fave

Mary Greenwell Plum Parfum


Retails for $100

Told y’all I’m becoming a parfum snob… LOL


Givenchy Antigona Clutch in Yellow


Retails for $450

I love simple clutches. And this yellow leather one will probably become my summer bag


Old Navy Jeans

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Retails for $16-$35

I love love Old Navy Jeans in the “Rockstar” cut. Definitely a staple in my wardrobe and they make my butt look nice.

Okay so my wish list is kinda pricey… I will probably get the clutch first and then work my way from there. What items will you be adding to your summer wardrobe?


Designer Alert: Bianca Milov

Who doesn’t love accesories?!?!?!? While reading People Stylewatch, I kept noticing  jewelry from a designer whose name did not sound familiar. The name was Bianca Milov.

Milov makes quality costume jewelry that is dainty and can be layered to make a statement. She does have pricy merchandise but thats because they contain authentic diamonds. *swoons*

Head to to check out her jewelry…


Here are my favorite picks….


BiancaMilovProducts30-450x300  BiancaMilovProducts42-449x300 twinkle-necklace-461x300 Amanda-Eye-Bracelet-461x300 BiancaMilovProducts20-449x300

Vinyl-Buddha-Bracelet-1-500x260 Pear-Druzy-Bracelet-1-500x260DSCN1206-456x300

Goodbye Dark Circles

Good Afternoon my loves!! I am back after a short hiatus to give you a quick product review.

Hi my name is Jaime and I suffer from dark circles. Unfortunately for me I have dark circles due to heredity and lack of sleep. So over the years concealer has become by BFF. Recently I decided to invest in an eye cream so that I don’t have to wear concealer all the time. When I ordered my dip brow and baked eyeshadow from Sephora, I also tried deluxe samples of Tarte’s Maracuja C-Brighter™ Eye Treatment and Origins GinZing™ Refreshing Eye Cream.






After trying both for two weeks both, I decided to purchase the full size jar of Origins for the following reasons:

  • It not only reduced the appearance of my dark circles but it also depuffed my eyes rapidly
  • The cream had a better texture
  • A little bit goes a long way
  • Better Priced

Tarte took to long to make my eyes look less puffy and I still had to use more concealer to even out the skin around my eyes. With Origins I looked more awake and refreshed and used less concealer. Also the price was a big factor too. Origins only cost $30 where as Tarte cost $38. Eye cream is a reoccurring purchase and why pay more for a product that takes longer to work??

Origins has now earned a loyal customer.


Have you tried any of their products before? What were your thoughts?


My Weekend Haul…

On the weekends, when I don’t have many bills I like to treat myself…

Here is my some of my haul….




Michael Kors Blair Tri-Color boat shoes. I lucked up because on the website they are listed for $110 but in the Michael Kors store, they were on sale for $55. I think these will be the perfect shoes for work




I also purchased M.A.C. Studio Sculpt Lash. I LOVE LOVE this mascara. The brush applicator is GENIUS. It add length to my lashes without getting clumpy or messy. It also did a great job with lash separation and definition. Definitely worth the $16. *** You have to use this with the prep + prime lash for maximum results*** its sooooo worth it.




Note: I have purchased more items, but unfortunately when I tried to upload the pics that I took with my camera, the photos exceeded the MB limit for wordpress… UGH…. When I figure it out, I will post the other goodies that I have purchased.

Spring/ Summer Trend: Maxi Dresses

Spring/ Summer Trend: Maxi Dresses

Jane Norman long evening dress
$115 -

Vintage black dress
$39 -

Topshop vintage black dress
$30 -

Summer purse