Weekend in London

Weekend in London

Balmain summer cocktail dress
$1,460 - balmain.com

VILA grey top
$25 - vila.com

Mango red stripe shirt
$22 - johnlewis.com

Christian louboutin pumps

Gianvito Rossi white high heel shoes
$715 - harveynichols.com

Vans low top

Jane Norman yellow gold jewelry
$12 - janenorman.co.uk

Cap hat
$30 - capology.co.uk

Back to the Basics…

I am willing to bet my wardrobe that if you ask any style/fashion expert they will tell you to have a solid foundation of basics.

“What are the basics?”, you may be wondering and I have the answer.

Basics are simple staples that you use to build your outfit upon. You have a statement skirt, pair it with a crisp white button up. You want to wear an outrageous coat, pair it with nice jeans and a t-shirt… etc….

There are several places that offer basics and they can be super affordable or uber expensive.

Here are some of my top picks for basics that EVERY girl should own…

The White Button Up

cn7931195 cn8008611

Both white shirts are from the www.gap.com 

 The Camel Coat 


This coat is double-breasted and is from www.zara.com

The Little Black Dress 


The” fit and flare” flatters slim women. Belt it to cinch in your waist to create an hourglass shape


The “Sheath” dress flatters those who are curvy and want to slim down their body and can be worn by pear shaped women to provide balance.


The “wrap” dress is basically universal and will flatter any shape.

All dresses are from Banana Republic.

 Honorable Mentions

  • Basic T-shirts ( I prefer v-neck)
  • Leggings
  • A tailored black pair of slacks/pants
  • A solid colored Blazer
  • Jeans that make your ass look heavenly

Hopefully y’all get the idea of having “basic” staples in your wardrobe. Be sure to pair them with a fabulous punch of color, bold shoes, or a luxurious handbag.



Obsessing Over This!!!!

I wanted to start posting about things whether its beauty or fashion that I am obsessing over.

That “I gotta have it!” feeling can be a bit overwhelming.

Sometimes I give in to my impulses and sometimes I don’t, but its fun to share…

Sooooo today’s obsession is…..


This chain link bracelet from www.baublebar.com it comes in several different colors like turquoise, periwinkle and clear. This peach one would be the perfect accessory for a cute summer outfit. It’s currently on sale for $28, its originally priced at $48.

I haven’t decided if I wanted it yet….

Understated Luxury: Celine Fall 2014 Accessories

Celine, the french luxury brand, has had a resurgence thanks to the Luggage Tote released a few years back..


Easily recognizable by the piping detailing on the front. If you can notice the small gold font stamped on the purse, that is the only logo marking. Understated and inconspicuous. The luxury shines with the rich leather and uniformed stitching.

For the Fall, Celine has expanded on their purse designs, still following the understated luxury trend. I love pieces that look expensive, and you know its designer but you can’t quite identify the brand by first glance. Here are my favorite picks


fall_2014_leathergoods_31 fall_2014_leathergoods_10 fall_2014_leathergoods_36 fall_2014_leathergoods_7 fall_2014_leathergoods_34

Yes they are super expensive but these handbags will be in style for years to come.

Variety is the Spice of Life

I love a good splurge but in order to splurge one must be able to save ( not if you are rich, then you are lucky)

And what better way to save, then by investing in make-up that will let your dollar go a long way.

For this post I wanted to share my tried and true eye shadow palettes that not only provided great wear and color but were also friendly on my wallet.


ELF Natural Eye Palette


I love this palette soooo much that I have copped it twice. It costs $6 and can be purchased at their website or at urban outfitters. This palette can be used to create day and night time looks. The possibilities are endless. Now here is the thing. Eye Primer is a MUST especially if you have darker lids. In order for the colors to remain true and crease less, use with a eye primer. M.A.C. paint pots are my fave.


Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Palettes 


Whew! These palettes are every frugal beauty addicts’ dream! Endless colors, great consistency, color selection, and the best part the price. Prices ranges from $3.99 to $5.99 and most often your local drugstore will have this brand on sale. I have used these eye shadows with both a primer and no primer and had no complaints either way. This eyeshadow could give department store brands a run for their money

 Maybelline Expert Wear Eye shadow Palette 


Again another great drugstore brand that provides great color, coverage, longevity, color combos and blending. The prices range from $4.99 to $9.99 but you will definitely get your money’s worth



All of the palettes in this post is $10 or less. I prefer eye shadow palettes because it allows you to be creative and experiment with new looks and shades for a fraction of the cost. Comment and share what are your favorite frugal beauty buys. Stay beautiful Ladies.

What I’m Loving Right Now….

Top of the week to ya…. I feel semi-well rested and I’m ready to get back to blogging more consistently.

I wanted to share two products that I’m loving right now. These two products have made my make-up routine easier and fool-proof.


The first one is this mascara from Make-up Forever. A lot of beauty bloggers sing the praises of their foundation but their mascara is highly over looked and slept on.


MAKE UP FOR EVER Smokey Extravagant  Mascara. 

This stuff gives you serious volume. Two coats and your lashes look long and full. It’s super dark and pigmented, which is great for use but its a pain to take off. Eye make-up remover is strongly suggested



Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer

If you have dark circles, pesky hyper-pigmentation, dull skin, redness, whatever. This stuff is like new skin in a jar. It comes in a little jar, (which is a bit jarring because of the $48 price tag) but a little goes a LOOOOONNNNNGGGG way. It sets nicely with setting powder and you can alter the thick consistency and coverage level with moisturizer. LOVE LOVE this stuff.

This what I’m loving right now. Ladies, what are loving make-up wise lately?

Crayola Couture

Crayola Couture

Forget a Red Bottom….

Everyone loves Louboutin. Not only for the chic and stylish designs, but for that bright red sole. It screams exclusive, expensive and luxurious.

Well one designer decided to one up our favorite shoe maven. Taylor Says has drawings on the bottom of their shoes, and I’m soooooo here for it.


Prices range from $100-$300. Each shoes comes with a complimentary drawing. Here are my favorites.


ztsays064_bottom_cut ztsays064_double_cut ztsays198_bottom_cut ztsays198_out_cut ztsays181_bottom_cut ztsays181_out_cut ztsays160_bottom_cut ztsays160_double_cut ztsays185_bottom_cut ztsays185_out_cut ztsays175_out_cut ztsays175_bottom_cut

Head over to www.taylorsays.com to order or www.heels.com 

10% off when you sign up for email alerts and free world wide shipping. Enjoy my fellow shoeaholics